Subscription is no longer available for a phone only.  Such an option can be used when using cars, clothes, the latest Apple devices or even residential premises. What is the difference between a subscription apartment and regular lease after all?

Currently, it is no longer necessary to purchase and own things in order to use and enjoy them.  Why pay and collect if you can rent and use them for a monthly fee?

It only took a few years for a subscription model for services to conquer the world. The model is already present in many areas of our life. CDs and DVDs at home are a rarity now, whereas we are crazy about the offer of platforms such as Netflix, Spotify, Tidal or Storytel.

Under a subscription model, we can already use for instance:

  • e-books,
  •  audiobooks,
  • favorite music,
  • electronic devices,
  • cars,
  • clothes,
  • apartments.

To have or to be

Did you know that the vast majority of respondents decide to use subscription services for the sake of comfort offered by their usage?[1]. Depending on needs, life stage or financial possibilities, a subscription should provide both good experiences and a high level of services which fully satisfy your current expectations. As the notion of subscription is about:

  • independence,
  • affordability,
  • convenience,
  • freedom,
  • flexibility,
  • possibility of choice,
  • high quality.

Owning fewer things but enjoying better access to them depending on current needs is better for both the surrounding and the environment as well as our finances. It is an indisputable fact.

Apartment from private owner

In Poland, most people looking for a place to live, when asked the question “How and where will I find an apartment to rent?”, reply:

  • “From a private owner”


  • “Via intermediary, in a real estate office”.

However, this form of apartment lease is still associated with a low standard, incomprehensible requirements of owners or the fact that the deposit will never be returned. Often times these are:

  • apartments rented without an agreement, “on one’s honor”,
  • premises that are already equipped, there is no possibility to arrange the apartment according to your likes and taste,
  • apartments containing “untouchable” objects, e.g. a sofa bed, grandmother’s tableware or things of sentimental value for owners,
  • apartments rented under a casting model. In such a case, families with children, foreigners, pet owners or people living in informal relationships are blacklisted straightaway.

A detailed analysis of one’s values, checking one’s life history and paying casual visits are only a minor inconvenience in the face of a more serious problem being failure to secure the interest of the tenant and the durability of the lease itself. This fact is particularly well-known to those who need stability and want to enjoy their rented apartment longer instead of changing it every quarter. There is no denying that the private rental market is unregulated and full of defects.

Free choice, that is subscription

Is the situation different in the case of subscription? Definitely yes. Renting an apartment may also be a secure solution, rational in financial terms and available in numerous options from among which we can freely choose.

In the case of subscription apartments, a subscription model is possible in which an apartment is not a product, but a complex service. As part of subscription, we can use not only small one-room premises as well as more spacious two- or three-room apartments, but also additional services provided by a professional team of account managers and technical administrators in each of the buildings available, who guarantee security, comfort and a pleasant atmosphere on an everyday basis.

As a client using a subscription apartment, you have the right to choose:

  1. Duration of subscription. It may be 3 months, 6 months, a year or even longer,
  2. Size of the apartment subject to lease,
  3. Floor on which the apartment is situated,
  4. The direction the apartment faces,
  5. Finishing standard of the apartment.

In return for paying a subscription fee, you receive:

  1. An apartment in which you live as you want and with whom you want – on your own, with dogs and cats, a child or a partner,
  2. A lease agreement with clear provisions, without hidden provisions that are to your detriment,
  3. No commission,
  4. Pre-defined standard and equipment of the apartment,
  5. High quality of customer service,
  6. Maintenance in case of any failures (including failures caused by you),
  7. Access to Wi-Fi included in the subscription fee,
  8. An application with a dashboard where you can manager you lease agreement, costs and settlements,
  9. Access to additional services offered for the residents of the buildings, e.g. sports classes, loyalty program with discounts to attractive spots in the neighborhood,
  10. In exceptional situations, a possibility to change the apartment for e.g. something bigger, within the same building, city or 6 other places where the company owns its buildings.

Apart from the financial criterion, which allows the company to assess the ability to pay the rent, owners of subscription apartments do not have any other requirements towards their future tenants. By its nature, a subscription is supposed to be a solution which will provide freedom of choice, convenience and flexibility.

Therefore, living in a subscription apartment does not only entail a high standard of apartments and customer service. It is also the convenience of living on your own terms, without being obligated to get involved in unplanned renovation works and ongoing maintenance of devices.

This model is in line with the modern and more sustainable lifestyle. Irrespective of your age, sex, profession pursued, financial standing or nationality, living in a subscription apartment connects those people who want to be independent, live on their own terms in comfortable conditions, in apartments situated in good location and who are fully aware of their current needs.

[1]  Subscriptions 2021, Warsaw, September 2021, DigitalPoland Foundation