Here you can find answers for the most frequenty ask question.

How long can I rent an apartment for?

It depends on the location. Where we offer rental you can sign a standard rental agreement for 12 months. If you choose accommodation we offer a minimum contract of 3 months. After that time, it is up to you whether you will extend your agreement for another period, choose another available apartment, change the city, or simply quit.

What are the terms of the rent?

The agreement is always written. You can sign a standard or institutional fixed-term rental agreement where we offer rental. In the case of locations where we offer accommodation, we sign an accommodation contract. Security: 1-month security deposit (on positive verification), repayable at the end of the rental agreement, plus a few simple formalities which our team will tell you about. We want you to live with us as soon as possible, so we keep them to a minimum.

What is the total cost of the rent?

The subscription price does not include the costs of utilities: hot and cold water, heating, electricity, and waste disposal.

Is a security deposit required?

When signing the agreement, you will be asked to pay a security deposit. After completing some simple formalities, the deposit may minimum amount to a 1-month fee + 25%. It will be repaid once the agreement is completed.

What fees do I have to pay to move in?

When you sign the booking agreement, you will be asked to pay a security deposit, which will be paid back at the end of the rent. After completing all the formalities, which you will be told about by our team, we will give you the keys to your dream apartment. In accordance with the rental agreement, the first rental together should be credited to our account within five days of handing over the keys to you.

Does Resi4Rent charge a commission?

Resi4Rent is the landlord and owner of the apartments. We offer direct renting, with no additional charges. When you rent from us, you can rest assured that you pay for a new apartment from a developer on the primary market without any brokers.

Are the apartments furnished?

Our apartments are fully furnished. However, if you prefer to move in with your furniture, contact us to check the possibility of moving into an unfurnished apartment.

How can I book an apartment?

Browse the available subscriptions, then contact us or visit one of our Service Offices to choose the apartment you like best. We can complete most of the formalities remotely.

Will I rent a parking space together with my apartment?

Parking spaces are not attached to apartments. You can use them for an additional fee. You can check the details in particular apartment offers or contact our customer service directly.

What is the cost of renting a parking space?

The types of parking facilities and their prices vary across locations. If you are interested in renting a parking space, please contact our customer service in the location you are interested in.

Who will be my neighbors?

All Resi4Rent apartments are for rent. Hence, your neighbors will be people like you, who are looking for their space in a modern housing estate.

How do I know if the apartment I like is available?

We are doing our best to ensure that the website information is in line with the actual availability of the premises for rent. To be 100% sure, please use the contact form and ask about the availability. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

What will my apartment be like?

All apartments from Resi4Rent have been designed and built with rental in mind. After each tenant change, the apartments are refreshed to ensure the best quality and comfort for new residents.

What procedures have you implemented in regard to the pandemic?

  • All our operations are in accordance with the recommendations of the authorities.
  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting common areas, particularly of surfaces where the virus may linger (including handrails, doorknobs, lift panels)