Unique benefit
for your employee

  • Valuable recruitment tool
  • Comprehensive range of services for businesses
  • Team relocation support
  • Ability to accommodate larger groups of employees

One decision, double benefits

Apartment subscription
- an employee bonus

  • builds competitive advantage and helps attract the best specialists on the market
  • improves working conditions and comfort levels, influences employees’ motivation and loyalty
  • guarantees employees a sense of certainty, security and stable housing conditions

Relocation of larger groups of employees

  • we offer up to several hundred units at various locations, ready to receive larger groups of tenants
  • all buildings have been designed with the residents’ comfort in mind – they have functional layouts
    and the necessary equipment
  • flats adapted to individual needs – in terms of location, size, and furniture – may be selected

Apartment subscription with Resi4Rent
- an answer to your employee's needs

  • modern buildings
  • high finish standard and modern equipment – apartments are furnished and equipped with
    household appliances and an Internet connection. They are located in buildings with CCTV and are
    regularly refreshed
  • attractive locations in vibrant city districts, with everything you need within your reach – offices,
    shops, restaurants, cinemas, recreational areas, bus and tram stops, and much more
  • various apartment standards – comfortable living conditions for singles, couples, families with
    children or animal lovers
  • a facility manager assigned to each location

Resi4Rent - comprehensive range of services for businesses

  • the apartment subscription model is a convenient solution for businesses – all formalities may be
    completed online, without the need to visit the office
  • the fee includes accommodation and a package of additional benefits – Wi-Fi, technical support and
    additional discounts for tenants (that may be used for instance in fitness clubs and local restaurants)
  • no agents, commissions or hidden fees
  • all contracts managed by a single operator
  • customer service in English

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Benefits for your company

  • Flexible rental periods

    Starting from 3 months

  • Simple tenant change procedures

    An e-mail notification is all that is required

  • Ability to switch apartments while maintaining their standard

    In the same building, at a different location or in a different city

  • Contract may be concluded without leaving your office

    Formalities are completed even within 24 hours from registration

  • Transparent billing

    Contract management panel and a single monthly invoice

  • Taking care of the employee's needs

    Apartment in a subscription with a building manager in each location

Renting a subscription apartment - step by step

  • 1

    Select the location and apartment type from several hundred 1,2,3 or 4-bedroom apartments

  • 2

    Specify the rental period (from 3 to 12 months), your budget and additional benefits you want your employee to have access to

  • 3

    Sign the contract - online or in our office

  • 4

    Pay the deposit to activate your contract

  • 5

    Hand the apartment over to your employee – with Resi4Rent, they will create their new home!

  • 6

    Manage and track your bills with a convenient app

Find out what we have prepared for your company

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