There is nothing extraordinary about employers providing accommodation to their employees. Paying the rent, helping employees to rent an apartment or renting an apartment for them are more and more popular employee benefits. The reason for it is, inter alia, the fact that in order to acquire and retain employees, employers look for effective recruitment tools and solutions which would meet the most important needs of potential candidates. Renting an apartment by a company makes it easier to acquire specialists from other cities or countries, motivates and builds loyalty among employees. In the age of remote and hybrid work, this also has a positive impact by eliminating burdens related to isolation and lack of direct contacts, integrates teams and facilitates their cooperation. It is also a perfect solution when onboarding and assimilating new employees in the working environment. 

Such a solution is a benefit not only for employees. Companies which gain an advantage when looking for and retaining employees, also benefit from this. 


  • An apartment for an employee may serve as a valuable recruitment tool.
  • If you wish to maintain or acquire high-class specialist by providing them free-of-charge accommodation or supporting them in the rental process, you will encourage them to continue working for your company.
  • When renting an apartment located close to the registered office of the company, you can provide employees with convenient access to the office and eliminate time wasted on long commuting or choosing a competitive company which is easier to get to.
  • If your company runs projects in various cities and you expect mobility from your employees, you can have a pool of apartments in several locations available to them.
  • When offering apartments to employees, you take care of their good experiences, integration and reputation of your company.


Everyone who decides to move to another city in search of a job knows how difficult it is to find an appropriate apartment and organize their life in a new place. Or maybe you are about to start your new job, want to live close to the company, but due to a trial period you do not fancy arranging another apartment? It is not necessary to spend a lot of time searching for new furniture and purchase it if in the vicinity of your workplace there is a furnished apartment for rent provided by your employer. If you have to decide between two different workplaces, but only one company offers to help you find an apartment or even provides you with an apartment in the vicinity, the choice will certainly not be tough. The move will certainly be a more pleasant experience if you can smoothly or even remotely deal with all formalities and move in a brand new, fully equipped apartment and entirely focus on your new job. More and more frequently, companies apply solutions such as examining residential needs of their candidates, looking for appropriate premises and services for employees related to the rental process, paying the rent or renting apartments. 


  • Stress-free move 
  • Saving time and money when looking for an apartment
  • Convenience
  • Living close to your workplace
  • Furnished and equipped apartment
  • Focus on a new job


Nowadays, companies wishing to attract employees, particularly those addressing their offer to young people, must make a lot of effort to acquire and maintain them. Young specialists decide to make changes quickly if they see other opportunities for professional development and living in conditions that correspond to their aspirations. They want to live in an attractive neighborhood, close to greenery, recreational and service infrastructure and people who have a similar lifestyle. They look for their own private space with modern equipment, a balcony and fast Wi-Fi. An increasingly wide offer of apartments for rent makes it considerably easier for employers to offer their employees conditions that would meet their expectations. Renting a subscription apartment is not only an apartment to live in, but also comprehensive services. The subscription includes apartment rental as well as a package of additional services such as permanent access to the Internet, an online dashboard to manage agreements, a dedicated customer service office team on premises in each investment as well as maintenance and repairs of equipment, refurbishment services or packages of benefits for residents.


  • 8 locations to choose from in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Łódź, Poznań and Wrocław
  • Only new apartments build for rental purposes
  • Apartments located in city centers or attractive districts – all you need within 15 minutes 
  • New comfortably arranged studio apartments, two-room apartments with a living room (one bedroom and one kitchen) as well as three-room apartments – with a living room and two bedrooms
  • Apartments equipped with all necessary furniture and household appliances
  • An online rental option from presentation to entering into an agreement 
  • Possibility to enter into an agreement even within 24 hours of contacting us
  • Minimum formalities, transparent rules and safe transactions
  • No commissions and intermediaries
  • No interference with tenants’ private life
  • Guaranteed duration and extension of the agreement as well as unchangeable terms and conditions throughout its duration
  • Market price
  • Agreements entered into for a period between 3 and 12 months depending on location
  • Always the same standard of living 
  • Customer service in foreign languages
  • Always brand new apartments – refurbished, a mattress protected by a new case, the entire apartment professionally cleaned
  • Possibility to arrange the apartment according to your preferences
  • Access to Wi-Fi included in the price
  • Pets are very welcome
  • Mobile application
  • Professional customer services 
  • Technical support in each building
  • Program with additional attractions for residents
  • Flexibility and possibility to move to another Resi4Rent apartment or building if your job or your life situation changes


In the times when companies must compete for an employee, they are more committed to providing stable and friendly working conditions, try to take care of work-life balance of their teams and increase their loyalty towards the brand as a consequence. Generation Z employees, who are most exposed to getting lost in the chaos of hybrid and remote environments, will be particularly demanding and will expect support and mentoring mechanisms as well as a culture fostering employees’ needs in which they can enjoy their work. By offering them a solution to one of the largest problems they need to face when looking for a place fulfilling their expectations, companies may gain a competitive advantage and attract the best specialist in the market. Limiting long commuting to work, renting an apartment for an employee or helping them to find and maintain it considerably improves both conditions and comfort of work. Many potential employees not only would be happy about an apartment offered in the package along with employment, but also would decide to lower their remuneration in order to be sure that their key requirements are secured on the unstable rental market and would appreciate the company which puts their needs in the first place, in terms of both a friendly working environment and benefits improving the quality of their life.