Attractively located, modern, well-furnished, affordable – finding such accommodation can be a daunting task, especially if you are looking for it not only in another city, but also in another country. Our characters demonstrate that it can be done, and that moving to the country by the Vistula River can go smoothly and stress-free.

According to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), at the end of the first half of 2022, there were exactly 1 million 11 thousand 820 foreigners registered in Poland…. They take up jobs here, settle down, move in or start their families. And when starting life in Poland, they are confronted with an unexplored rental market. If they come across a friendly rental offer like subscription apartment from Resi4Rent, they avoid distressing experiences, such as ethnic-based discrimination. Those who discovered that renting an apartment may be easy, free of complicated procedures and above all safe, are, inter alia Dan from Luxembourg and Alexandra from Belarus. What’s such a rental about?

#remote paperwork

Alexandra decided to move to Poland following the first days of the war in Ukraine, where she had used to live for a few months. A friend of hers recommended her an apartment in the Resi4Rent building in Łódź. Earlier, she used to live in another city for a short time, hoping to return to Ukraine soon.

 – I didn’t know how long I would stay in Poland. When it became clear that I would be living here for longer, a friend who works in Łódź sent me a link to the Resi4Rent website, which very transparently outlined all the rental options and conditions. I compared some offers of other companies, but nothing caught my eye. I knew that I’d end up in Łódź within two weeks eventually, I needed a guarantee that the apartment would be booked and that it would be available to me straight away once I get there. I viewed the apartment remotely and immediately decided to rent it. Never before had I imagined that it would be possible to get things done in this way. It turned out that you can preview an apartment and even check the window view on-line and easily make a choice while staying in touch with the company representative who answered all my questions. After signing the rental agreement – also on-line – the apartment was already waiting for me, and the day I arrived in Łódź I picked up the keys and moved in straight away – Alexandra shares her experience.

# transaction security and assistance in paperwork

An important aspect for potential customers, including those from abroad, is the security of the entire process.

– I received a link to the documents which automatically redirected me to the agreement on-line, there were no additional procedures, everything was clear. When drawing up the agreement, my account manager advised me to add family members to the rental agreement, which would make it easier for them to formalise their legal stay in Poland. This has proved very helpful for so-called temporary stay – says Alexandra.


Some people do not know how long they will be staying in Poland, what their life is going to be like and for how long they will be renting an apartment. The option to conclude an agreement for 3, 6 or 12 months with a guarantee of unchanged rental terms during this time and the possibility of renewal is very convenient. Such flexibility is what Dan from Luxembourg appreciates a lot. The man moved to Poland in early 2021 as he changed his job. He settled in Browary Warszawskie, in the centre of the capital. He found the subscription apartment on-line.

– I sent an enquiry and immediately got a call back from someone who presented me with the available options within my preferred budget. Through video call, I could see several apartments, compare their layout and furnishings. I didn’t know how long I would stay in Poland, my first professional contract was for six months, so the possibility of a short-term rental was important to me – explains Dan. He stresses that it was also important for him to have the agreement terms presented in English. – I was able to check all the details that were important to me, I paid a deposit, and on my arrival I immediately picked up the keys and was able to move in. – I arrived by plane and naturally I couldn’t bring all my stuff with me. Before moving to Poland, I sent several packages that arrived here very quickly. R4R customer service picked it up and stored it until my arrival, and on the day when I moved in all my stuff was already there. This helped me a lot to settle into my new apartment – Dan emphasises.

#support in case of failure

What Alexandra and Dan appreciate is that they don’t have to worry about a possible failure or malfunction occurring. As part of the subscription apartment, they have access to the technical package and contact with the Resi4Rent customer care centre.

 – We have a system in place where we generate a request and the company contacts us straight away. If something’s broken, administration sends a technical team to check the malfunction. That’ s a really comfortable solution – Alexandra stresses.

#excellent location

An apartment located in the centre of an urban agglomeration with universities and branches of major companies and institutions is a real gem on the rental market. The attractiveness of such accommodation is further boosted by its proximity to transport infrastructure, cultural and entertainment facilities, services, retail outlets, as well as squares and parks. Such criteria are met by Resi4Rent buildings, including Browary Warszawskie.

– It’s a very central location, so I’m pretty close to work as well as other places that are within walking distance. All I need is right next door. Besides, it is conveniently connected to other locations in Warsaw and is relatively close to the highway if you want to move outside the city (access to the S8 road – editor’s note) – says Dan.

#living on your own terms

Residents appreciate not only the comfortable living conditions, the service and the fact that each facility has a caretaker to turn to when needed, but also the quality of neighbourly living. Special events are organised, such as joint sports activities, events for families with children and a loyalty scheme with discounts for local services and restaurants. Alexandra has been renting her apartment with her mother and child since July. – While I don’t know all the neighbours yet, there are certainly a lot of people in our community with children of all ages. We have a lot in common and can meet in the playground – the woman says. – What’s great is that you can live with pets, although I don’t have one here so far. Besides, everyone is polite to each other, living here is nice and peaceful, there is no noise or parties that would be a nuisance to others – adds Dan. They both admit they live in buildings with neighbours of mixed origin and ethnicity – both Polish and foreign – and living in such a diverse, international community fosters integration and helps them feel at home.