A loud party lasting all night long, blocking the corridor with a bike or trash bags, barbecuing pork neck on the balcony in the summer or smoking cigarettes and dripping wet laundry – if you want your neighbors to hate you, such behaviors will certainly guarantee lack of sympathy within the housing community. How to build good relations with neighbors?

What can neighbors do and what should they not do? Sometimes among residents you can find individuals who relate to the phrase from the limerick by Aleksander Fredro: “My home is my castle”. However, in order to take care of good relations with neighbor, it is better to forget about these words and follow good manners, which will allow all residents to live in unity, peace and harmony. What behaviors may become a proverbial bone of contention? Below you will find several matters which cause conflicts most frequently. Following good practice for neighbors will help you avoid them.

Quiet hours

A cumbersome noise coming from your neighbors next door, renovation works continued until late night hours (or even in the morning, especially on weekends), parties with loud music, playing instruments and, in extreme cases, nighttime brawls. A list of cumbersome behaviors which disturb quite hours may be really long.

Our advice:Remember that quite hours usually run from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. If you want to organize a party without risking any unpleasant situations or even a visit paid by the police, inform your neighbors of your plans and what time the party is probably going to end. Make sure that the party will not be onerous to the vicinity after 10 p.m. If you are planning renovations in your apartment, which might be loud, let your neighbors know and make sure that they are conducted during the day, not at night. Additionally, try to finish them as quickly as possible.

Smoking cigarettes

Going for a smoke on the balcony, terrace or even corridor and staircase is a true nuisance to neighbors. Many people react to cigarette smoke badly and it is hardly surprising.

Our advice:Although the ban on smoking cigarettes on balconies or terraces is mentioned neither in neighborhood law nor in anti-smoking law, it is not even mentioned in a lease agreement, your neighbor’s complaints about the burdensomeness of your addiction are justified. Many homeowners’ associations implement relevant provisions pertaining to the ban on smoking in common areas and in places where this activity may be burdensome to others. If you want to smoke a cigarette, better do it when you go for a walk.

Cluttering the common area will certainly ignite a conflict

Trash bags in the corridor and staircase, bikes, strollers or other equipment for which there is not enough space at home… Seizing the common space for private purposes is something your neighbors will definitely dislike. And they are right. Not only is it unesthetic, but it can also be dangerous. A corridor and a staircase constitute a circulation area. It is supposed to ensure and allow people to walk freely and have access to other rooms. It is of utmost importance particularly in emergencies when the building must be evacuated or medical personnel must get somewhere. In extreme cases, a bike blocking the corridor may slow a rescue operation down.Our advice:Do not obstruct the common area with equipment. There are designated areas for bikes or strollers in building. If you lack space, contact the customer service office and ask if there is any extra space in your building, e.g. in a basement or warehouse.

Barbecuing on the balcony, that is how to make your neighbors dislike you

The scent of grilled pork neck or sausage may tease the senses nicely, however, your neighbors may not be very fond of a feast in the open air. A thick smoke in the air combined with the smell of oil is not always a desired flavor combination. What is more, a seemingly innocent barbecue party may be deemed a fire hazard, which in turn may entail calling the fire brigade or city guard as well as a fine.

Our advice:If you really want to organize a barbecue party, you can use urban spaces with areas designated for such purposes. The proximity of restaurants and bars offers an excellent alternative, particularly in the areas where Resi4Rent apartments are located. You can go there with your friends and have a wonderful time dining together.

Pets – a bone of contention between neighbors

Four-legged pets roaming unattended in the common area or on the patio may be a nuisance to other residents, especially if they answer the call of nature on well-groomed lawns.

Our advice:

Pets should always be supervised by their owners. When taking your beloved pet for a walk, take a leash and poop bags. Do not expose your neighbors to the discomfort caused by an unleashed dog, particularly when it is a giant dog breed.

5 key principles, that is the code of good neighbor:

1. Get to know your neighbors – When moving in a new apartment, let the residents of your block and floor get to know you as quickly as possible. Use any opportunities: a random meeting at the door, mailbox or lift. You can also knock on your nearest neighbors’ door and introduce yourself. It is a good way to make friends.

2. Remember to say “good morning”, just like that. Greeting other residents when passing them by on the staircase or when entering the building is an absolute necessity. This also shows your good manners. You do not want to be deemed an arrogant and rude person, do you? 

3. Have a small talk. A short casual talk about the weather also improves the quality of relations with your neighbors and helps to break the ice. However, if you notice that your neighbor is in a rush or accompanied by someone – do not try to start a conversation at all costs.

4. Be helpful. Keeping the door open for someone, helping someone carry heavy bags or a bike are small gestures of politeness among neighbors. It is also one of many ways to show kindness to others.

5. Follow the regulations of homeowners’ association. Follow the principles applicable to your neighborhood. Respect the rules pertaining to the use of common area or quite hours. In addition, follow the principles stipulated in the lease agreement.

Golden rules of being good neighbors at Resi4Rent:

  • Do not store and collect trash and small light elements on the balcony or in the corridor.
  • Take your trash bags to the trash enclosure, do not leave them next to or in front of it.
  • Park your car in a designated area, do not block other parked cars even just for a while.
  • Do not throw cigarette butts and trash out from the balcony, do not litter your neighbor’s garden this way.
  • Do not clutter the common area and do not leave your shoes in front of the door in the corridor.

Living in a block of apartments may be pleasant not only due to the comfort of living and location, but also thanks to good relations with your neighbors. Living in a Resi4Rent subscription apartment gives you many opportunities to take care of good relations with your neighbors and stipulates clear principles for living with other residents at the same time. If you respect the rules of community life, you will definitely settle down here for a long time.