How many times, when looking for a perfect apartment for rent, have you browsed hundreds of offers from private owners, called them, sent e-mails and participated in castings which were to no avail? You have kept checking websites with small ads just to grab your phone when an offer fulfilling your requirements popped up, but it turned out to be a flop again? And finally, you gave up and engaged an estate broker whom you had to pay for the services the amount equal to a monthly rent for the apartment which was not actually they way you expected it to be?

Looking for an apartment for rent does not have to be a long and onerous process, which entails signing a lease agreement with not necessarily honest owners and living in an uncomfortably and unpractical apartment which annoys you at every turn.
A subscription apartment is an alternative to traditional rental – it is one of the latest ways to become a lessee of real estate which formally belongs to someone else.
If you decide to use this option, you can be certain that the apartment rented has been refurbished, is functional and modern, whereas you can forget about private owner’s whims.
 A building in which apartments for rent are located fully belongs to one company, which is why if you only have your favorite location, you can decide to rent any apartment from the offer.
Depending on whether you need a studio for rent, look for a two-room or three-room apartment located on the first or fourth floor.
You can also select an apartment based on directions of the world it faces – depending on whether you want to enjoy the view of the sunset on the balcony or you prefer an apartment where the sun sneaks into your bedroom early in the morning.
Whatever you choose, you can always be certain that this form of renting an apartment is a completely safe option.

Flexible apartment lease agreement

If you want to live with a bunch of animals and you are afraid that they will scare away a private owner right at the beginning, a subscription apartment may be a good choice for you.
No matter if you want to live alone, with your partner, your whole family or four-legged pets.
 In this respect, you have full freedom and can be certain that no one is going to interfere with the way you live. Subscription apartments offer freedom of rental combined with stability which people owning their apartments can feel. Your rights are guaranteed in the apartment lease agreement. You can enter into an agreement for a year, 6 months, and in some cases for just 3 months.
What if you get a new job offer and have to move from e.g. Łódź to Warsaw during the course of the agreement? Or if you meet the love of your live and want to move in together?
 When renting a subscription apartment, you can arrange terms of relocation and, if the company has an apartment that is of interest to you in another building or even in another city, you are allowed to move. Then, your new apartment will have all the existing facilities and the same standard as a minimum.

Lease agreement concluded quickly and easily

In many cases, if you want to rent an apartment, you can be looking for the apartment of your dreams for many days, sometimes even many months, and when you think you have finally found it, it turns out that the offer is not valid anymore or simply that it is not for you because you have a dog for which the owner failed to provide space.
Renting a subscription apartment, the entire process is much faster. Lack of bureaucracy, extra commissions and intermediaries allows us to conduct the entire apartment rental process, i.e., from the first contact to signing the lease agreement and receiving the keys, within just 24 hours.
You just need to:

  • contact the company office by means of a contact form or by telephone and present your expectations about the apartment for rent;
  • choose one of several proposals from a tailor-made offer.

Before you decide to sign the agreement, you can thoroughly check and see the apartment in which you will be living. You can do this both on premises and remotely by means of a virtual walk.
 Any formalities can also be dealt with online, no need to arrange a meeting on premises.
 It is a convenient option particularly when you need to rent an apartment in another city, which is far away from tour current place of stay. When renting a subscription apartment, you do not use services provided by any real estate agency or an estate broker. Therefore, you do not need to cover the costs of such services. It is good to know that if you rent an apartment from a private owner, such a commission for a broker usually constitutes 100% of a monthly rent.

What is the difference between a subscription apartment and traditional lease?

If you rent an apartment, defects and failures are unavoidable. Reporting them to the landlord is usually uncomfortable since you never know how they are going to react and if you will have to remove the defects on your own.
Deciding to rent a subscription apartment, you have a guarantee that both the landlord and the manager of the building and the apartment where you live is a large and renowned company, which has a good reputation in the industry and is well-established on the market. It wants to maintain its good reputation, which is why it cannot accept a prolonged failure of sewage system or irregular waste collection. Its task is not only to maintain high efficiency of the equipment in the building, but also to provide comprehensive support services for the building, that is taking care of residents’ quality of life, technical conditional of both apartments and the common area as well as cleanliness around the building. If a failure occurs, you just need to report it via our helpline, an online form or a dedicated mobile application. The matter will be handled by a technical maintenance crew and you do not have to wonder if the landlord will pick up the phone or will be angry with you about the failure.

By means of the application, you can check the details of the apartment lease agreement you have entered into, status of your payments and bills for utilities. As you can see, you will not be visited by the landlord every month, who pays you an unexpected visit to collect the rent and inspect the apartment at the same time.

What does living in a subscription apartment look like?

In the real estate market, there are a plethora of landlords who do not allow tenants to take out their old furniture and do not want to take their private belongings as they claim that such belongings are of sentimental value to them. They rent apartments which used to belong to their late grandfather and which enter the rental market without changing their functionality. This implies that tenants must use destroyed furniture, have no space for their private belongings and have to store and take care of other people’s memorabilia.
Subscription apartments are designed for rent from the very beginning, which is why they are comfortable and practical and arranged in line with the latest trends. They resemble apartments from Scandinavian home decor stores. Their interior seems to be simple yet it is perfectly integrated with the layout of rooms, whereas smart solutions are almost incorporated into the interior. Such apartments are just as they should be: perfectly-sized kitchen and bathroom, a cozy bedroom and a designated place for work, a spacious balcony where you can spend evening with your friends.
In the buildings, there is no unusable space or ineffectively arranged apartments, which also translates into costs. Thanks to the optimum dimensions of apartments, the rental price is proportionate to its size. It is also possible to adjust the interior of the apartment to your individual preferences.

What do subscription apartments look like and what are they equipped with?

  • All apartments for rent in this model are fully furnished and equipped with modern household appliances.
  • Each apartment has access to the Internet.
  • The building is equipped with CCTV and security guards, therefore, you do not have to worry about anything.
  • Each building has its own administrator and a dedicated customer service office.
  • If you live on a higher floor, you can always use a comfortable elevator.
  • There is a parking lot for people owning cars, which can be rented on an exclusive basis for their car.

Good location is a benefit that all subscription apartments have in common. They are located in vibrant city centers, which offer everything you need at your fingertips. In the vicinity, there are universities, office buildings, stores, various restaurants, parks and green areas. Everything is literally within a few-minute walking distance. In the area, there are also bus and tram stops. Therefore, you will get to more distant parts of the city without any problems. Everything at the price that is not different from the price demanded by private owners.