Subscription apartments

Live how you want, with whom you want, for as long as you want.

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Live as you like

Live how you want

Our apartments have an air of novelty and are lacking the whims of a private owner. You choose the number of rooms, which way the apartments face, and the floor they are on.

With whom you want

We love cats and dogs. We do not ask about the age of your children and do not inspect the apartments. A subscription is freedom, which is why we warmly welcome all our guests.

For as long as you want

You will not be surprised by having to suddenly move out. A subscription is a guarantee of certainty and unchanging terms of agreement. You can extend this agreement by any length of time.

Subscription advantages

Subscription apartments give the freedom of a lease together with the certainty and stability of having your own home.

Each package contains:

A fully furnished

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We lease out only new apartments, which we construct in only the best locations in the largest Polish cities.

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