Resi4Rent is a new, Poland-based platform, future owner and operator of medium and long-term rental housing.

At the moment, four housing projects are being built, consisting of more than 1,200 units, ie:

  • Resi4Rent Wrocław Rychtalska – 300 apartments
  • Resi4Rent Łodź Wodna – 200 apartments
  • Resi4Rent Wrocław Kępa Mieszczańska – 270 apartments
  • Resi4Rent Warszawa Browary – 450 apartments

In the coming months, the company will begin building 1,700 new apartments that are already in an advanced permitting stage with a goal to construct at least 5,000 units by 2023. The new projects will be located in Warsaw, Cracow, Gdańsk, and Poznań.

Overall, R4R will offer between 5,000 to 10,000 flats, thus becoming Poland’s largest institutional rental platform, offering long-term leasing.