New apartments for rent Wroclaw

Wrocław Kępa Mieszczańska Mieszczańska 28-46 prices from: 1,440 PLN
17m2 - 48m2 available storage
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Wrocław Rychtalska Zakładowa 22, 24 / Słonimskiego 20, 22 prices from: 1,470 PLN
15m2 - 65m2 available storage
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Rent a new apartment in Wroclaw and enjoy the standards offered in our modern residential estate. Discover the delights of living near the Oder riverside boulevards, where you can enjoy a stroll by the river just a short walk from home. At the same time, stay close to the center and don’t waste your time on tedious commuting. Our apartments for rent in Wroclaw are located a short walk from the city center. In this way, you can enjoy the peace and quiet, but also the highlights offered by Wroclaw.


Where are our apartments located?


Our apartments for rent are located at Zakładowa Street and Słonimskiego Street in Kleczków, and at Mieszczańska Street. We provide over 570 apartments from a developer on the primary market, with the size from a dozen to several dozen square meters. You may rent an apartment with 1, 2, 3, or even 4 rooms with a bathroom and kitchen. All properties are finished to a good standard; additionally you can rent a parking space and a storage unit. The Kleczków district is well connected to the rest of Wroclaw, and the proximity of the ring road allows you to travel longer distances by car without time-consuming driving through the city. In turn, the apartments in Kępa Mieszczańska are already in the very center of the capital of Lower Silesia.


Choose an apartment for rent, and we will furnish it!


In Resi4Rent, we want you to live in your own space as soon as possible. Therefore, our apartments for rent are fully equipped and, if you wish, also furnished. You can decide whether you prefer a bathtub or a shower and choose the color of the kitchen, which includes a refrigerator, oven, ceramic hob, kitchen hood, and, in smaller flats, a microwave oven. Don’t worry about finding a provider or connecting the Internet – we will provide it as part of the agreement. This also refers to regular technical assistance for the premises. If you are interested in a cleaning service, just opt for it. We want you to feel at home in our apartments and not to worry too much about formalities. Your neighbors will be people like you, looking for their own place to live; this ensures peace and quiet. Security is guaranteed by surveillance services. Check out our search engine to see what else you could choose to make your apartment for rent in Wroclaw fit you even better.


Real estate for rent in Wroclaw – why is this a good idea?


For years, the capital of Lower Silesia has ranked among the best places to live in Poland. Headquarters of many international corporations, huge infrastructure investments, and the reputation of a university city make Wroclaw a perfect place for personal and career development. But there’s more. The city is a cultural center, with countless festivals, concerts, and performances. Come live with us and see what we can offer you.